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Annual Report

2013/2014 Annual Report


The UnitingCare NSW.ACT Annual Report, Uniting, addresses our commitment not only to serve and to care, but also to learn, improve and develop.
The report is a reflection of how central UnitingCare remains to the wellbeing of our society as a whole and the diversity of our services.

The stories and photographs shared within the report, represent the pride UnitingCare takes in its diversity and our deep commitment to social equality.

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2012/2013 Annual Report


The UnitingCare NSW.ACT Annual Report, Better Together, highlights our work across a broad range of community services. This year’s theme reflects the part we play in unity with the Uniting Church as well as community partnerships to continue to deliver services as well as advocate on behalf of the people we serve. 

While the stories and photographs in the report reflect the diverse nature of our services, most importantly they reflect the personal courage and generosity of all participants. We also have a number of videos included in our online version to give further depth to these stories. 

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2011/2012 Annual Report


The role of UnitingCare NSW.ACT in providing a voice for vulnerable and disadvantaged people reflects our service as a ministry of the Uniting Church. This report is themed 'voice' to highlight the part we have played in lobbying and advocating on important political and social justice issues as well as sharing the experiences of the people we serve together with our own staff and volunteers.

UnitingCare NSW.ACT would like to acknowledge and thank all those people who courageously shared their stories and appeared in photographs for this report.



2010/2011 Annual Report


Our Annual Report 2010/11 - Remarkable Lives, Inspiring Stories reflects the person-centred nature of UnitingCare’s approach to aged care, child and family services, disability services and chaplaincy.

The personal stories featured throughout demonstrate the courage of the people we serve and the commitment and passion of our staff. Everything we do, across all of our endeavours, shares a common purpose and that is to create positive change in the lives of the most vulnerable people in our communities.




2009/2010 Annual Report


With the theme of ‘Transforming lives together stronger'  this Report strongly reflects our commitment to deliver services to the community and to drive advocacy on behalf of people who are vulnerable and marginalised.

Featured throughout are a broad range of stories from across UnitingCare NSW.ACT, including Service Group highlights that demonstrate ministry through our staff, our clients, our volunteers and our partners.