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The environment matters

Since 2009, Uniting has been implementing a range of environmental sustainability initiatives that aim to:

  • Increase awareness among our staff and clients on how to live and work more sustainably
  • Conserve energy, water and waste by the way that we operate
  • Partner with others in sustainability programs and education activities
  • Build more sustainable homes and workplaces by designing and developing more environmentally friendly aged care facilities and independent living villages

More recently, we have aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, to support the protection of the world’s poor and vulnerable, and the safeguarding of our planet’s future. These international goals are driving to end extreme poverty, address inequality, and take action on climate change by 2030.

Sustainability in action

Protecting the natural environment is important to Uniting and careful monitoring of our environmental impact is an important part of our work to build, operate, maintain and improve our buildings and villages across NSW and the ACT.

Uniting’s Kentgrove Independent Living Village is located in the Sydney suburb of Kenthurst. The village is connected to a small scale sewerage plant, which is operated and maintained by Unting and registered with the NSW Environmental Protection Agency (licence number 2342). 

The Uniting Property Operations team monitors and tests the system in strict accordance with Uniting’s environmental protection obligations, including:

  • Maintaining all plant equipment to the requirements of the Protection and Environment Operations Act 1997
  • Submitting an Annual Return Report to the NSW Environmental Protection Agency each year
  • Providing monthly monitoring of the system against a number of key environmental performance indicators
  • Keeping records of system volume
  • Preparing a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan and undertaking annual testing
  • Making the results of all system monitoring available to the public.

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