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The Uniting story

Working together

A small act can sometimes be enough. A helping hand can halve a burden. One kind word can calm the nerves.

At Uniting, we act to have an impact. We are the carers, thinkers, doers, darers who strive to make a difference. In everyday trials and triumphs. For everyone, just as they are.

We are 8,000 people driven to be there for others. Together, we can do even more. We can draw upon the voice deep within us and raise a collective cry that cannot be ignored. Because for us, enough is not enough. We want safer, fairer, brighter, better. For the people we serve. For all humanity.

We are Uniting for greater change. Uniting is the services and advocacy arm of the Uniting Church NSW & ACT.

If you would like to know more about the Uniting Church, please visit our section on the Uniting Church.

Our stories

Watch some of the stories of people in the Uniting family.

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