The Uniting Church

Our relationship with the Uniting Church

We're proud to be the community services and advocacy arm of the Uniting Church in NSW and ACT. Our foundation is Christ's invitation to serve humanity by creating an inclusive, connected and just world.


The Uniting Church believes in love in action; the love of God expressed through the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is unconditional, to all people regardless of faith, background and circumstance.

We believe that the Bible not only teaches us about God’s love, but also gives us direction to show God’s love with our words and through our actions.

We believe that we exist as a Church because Jesus calls us to be together in mission, to bring love, compassion, justice, freedom and hope to all of God’s Creation.

About the Uniting Church

The Uniting Church was the first church to be created in and of Australia.

Our congregations reflect the multicultural face of our country – embracing people from all corners of the globe.

We’re the third largest Christian denomination in Australia. You’ll find us in Australia’s largest cities and most remote towns. Through Uniting, we’re also the largest non-government provider of community services in Australia.

Unlike some other churches, we don’t operate under a hierarchy. Instead, we’re organised by groups of women and men, lay and ordained. We operate through a series of inter-related councils — local churches, regional presbyteries, state synods, and the national Assembly. We all work together and make decisions by consensus in each area of the Church’s life for the benefit of all.

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National Assembly

UnitingCare Australia

New South Wales and the ACT

Synod of NSW and ACT

Northern Territory

Northern Synod


Queensland Synod

UnitingCare Queensland

South Australia

South Australia Synod

Victoria and Tasmania

Synod of Victoria and Tasmania

Western Australia

WA Synod