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67 more children returned home

The Uniting Newpin Social Benefit Bond continues to prove that given a chance, families can provide safe and loving homes for their children. In its third year, the Newpin Bond has seen 67 children previously placed in foster care restored safely back to their family.

“We’re again delighted by this year’s results – Newpin continues to go from strength to strength,” said Claerwen Little, Uniting Children’s Advocate.

Uniting Newpin is a centre-based therapeutic program which works intensively with families to teach parenting skills and develop stronger parent to child bonds. “Newpin equips parents with an understanding of their children’s emotional, physical and educational needs and of how their own behaviours impact their children,” Ms Little said.

“We are continuously humbled by the achievements of parents who walk through Newpin’s doors. It’s an intensive program. It takes hard work and commitment from parents to overcome their challenges, most often stemming from their own early experiences of trauma and abuse,” she said.

The Uniting Newpin restoration rate at 61% is more than double than what is usually achieved for children in care (benchmarked at 25% over the first three years of the bond). Since the Bond’s commencement three years ago, 130 children have been restored and children from a further 47 families prevented from entering care. This is an evidence base which confirms, with the right support, innovative approaches can achieve exceptional and important results.

Uniting Newpin is funded through the Newpin Social Benefit Bond – an innovative partnership between the NSW Government, Uniting, Social Ventures Australia and private investors, which has enabled the program to reach more families. Last year Uniting opened a new centre in Wyong, and another this year in Ingleburn. Uniting now manages five centres, with plans to expand even further in future years.  

Each new centre includes a ‘Fathers Outreach’ program, where dads support each other through the therapies - another ground-breaking element to the Newpin program which has seen 20 children restored to their dad’s care in this year alone. “The Fathers program is particularly special. Dads can be overlooked in the care system, but we know they can be just as committed parents,” Ms Little said.