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A star is born?

Uniting resident has become a film star

Aged care resident Mary features in a video to be screened next week

Uniting Ronald Coleman Lodge resident Mary Hadji, 92, stars in a Uniting video, soon to be released online. A pre-screening event will take place on Tuesday 19 July.

Uniting has created a series of videos demonstrating the intrinsic value Uniting sees in all people. The clips each feature two people with remarkable stories in conversation. Our videos that are already available on YouTube have already received over 870,000 views.
Mary features in a video where she talks about growing up in Sydney during the war with her strict Greek parents, entering an arranged marriage, and finally finding herself and becoming independent in her mid-40s. She is in conversation with Jennah Dungay, a young Wiradjuri and Dunghutti woman who grew up in foster care.

The video will be screened at Uniting Ronald Coleman Lodge at 3pm, Tuesday 19 July.  Residents and guests will enjoy a movie afternoon, featuring Mary and Jennah’s video, along with other videos from the series.

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Mary will be available for interview at the event.


Contact: Wendy Bruere at wbruere@uniting.org (phone 02 9275 9492) for more information or if you wish to attend.