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Aged care resident rides a Harley to fulfil his lifelong dream

7 June 2019

Today, Uniting Farnborough aged care resident Rob Parsons celebrated his 94th birthday by ticking a Harley Davidson motorcycle ride off his bucket list.

Rob had expressed his wish to ride a Harley Davidson to staff and volunteers at Uniting Farnborough home where he lives and couldn’t be grinning more when the Harley arrived.

Other members the home also joined in to wave Rob off as he rode into the distance. Many of the residents were as awe-struck by the motorcycle as Rob.

“It was a great experience, I am going to stay around another 6 years so I can have another ride on my 100th birthday,” said Rob.

Rob rode the motorcycle tandem with the instructor and his daughter Chris Wilkins. The initiative was organised by Uniting volunteers and Leisure & Wellness Coordinator Judy Kisela.

“At Uniting, we take a wholistic approach to care and this includes creating positive life experiences for people in our care,” said Judy.

“We knew Rob was incredibly interested in bikes and we were happy to celebrate his birthday today. He was very excited to ride a Harley for the first time and it was made even more special that his two sons and daughter came to watch him.”

After the ride, many of the residents tried to get photos of themselves in front of the motorcycle and left with grins on their face too.

“It was a buzz for the whole facility. We think many of the residents enjoyed the day themselves and hopefully we can do something like this again,” said Judy.


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