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Stars in their eyes

Uniting residents and staff have become film stars

Uniting residents, staff and family feature in videos to be screened next week

Uniting Elanora aged care will host a movie night featuring a series of videos, produced by Uniting, exploring the intrinsic value we see in all people.

The clips each feature two strangers, both with remarkable stories, in conversation. The videos have recently been released on YouTube, and have already received over 870,000 views.

People featured in the videos who will be available for interview at the event are:

  • Lunette, a refugee from Sierra Leone speaks about how important her home is to her.
  • Alma, a resident at Elanora, talks about being happy her own skin and meeting the second husband; the love of her life.
  • Carlos, whose mother is a resident at Elanora. He talks about the loss of his father at a young age; this loss meant he came to deeply value life and the people in it.

At the screening, residents, guests and staff will enjoy games, dress ups, canapés and champagne.

Videos are available on our Youtube channel.

The event will take place at 6:30pm, Wednesday 20 July, at Uniting Elanora, 45108 Wallaroo Drive, Shellharbour.


Contact: Wendy Bruere at wbruere@uniting.org (phone 02 9275 9492) for more information or if you wish to attend.