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Uniting finalist for prestigious media award

Uniting video recognised at the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Ageing Awards.

The Uniting video Proud of Who I Am was one of three finalists at the inaugural Ministerial Advisory Committee on Ageing (MACA) Awards in the category of Advertising.

The awards acknowledge the important role that the media has to play in influencing the public’s perception of ageing. They celebrate media or other organisations that are doing an excellent job in portraying ageing in a balanced and realistic manner.

Proud of Who I am, was released earlier this year. It features two Uniting clients, Alma and DD, in conversation about themselves and their lives. Alma speaks proudly about her love and support for her gay niece, and DD discusses his own fluid gender identity.

Uniting Chief Customer Officer Sandra Black said she was humbled to receive this award. “Uniting celebrates diversity and promotes a culture that embraces all people, and welcomes them for exactly who they are. This conversation captures what we strive to do every day. We are so proud that DD and Alma’s inspiring conversation has received this recognition,” said Ms Black.  

“Congratulations to everyone involved in creating the video. Our special thanks goes to DD and Alma, and to our creative agency RE: with whom we collaborated to develop the project,” said Ms Black.    


Contact: Wendy Bruere at wbruere@uniting.org (tel: 02 9275 9492)