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Uniting: with heart

We want more empathy, we want more respect, but mostly we want life to be lived ‘With Heart’.

That’s because at the centre of Uniting is something special – we understand, we listen, we value. We wear our hearts on our sleeve and we’ve decided to tell the world just how we feel.

“We want people to know that everything we do, we do with heart,” says Chief Customer Officer Sandra Black.

“There may be times in people’s lives when they need to choose a Uniting service for the people closest to them. It’s often a difficult decision to make, but if you look for a place where everyone does what they do with meaning, with heart, it can empower and enable that loved one. That’s the message we want to put out. We do things from the heart.”

Uniting is proud to offer families peace of mind and continued support.

Our latest ‘With Heart’ campaign is being rolled out throughout NSW during July and August as a poster and digital campaign, with pop-up kiosks in Bankstown and Orange from 30 July.


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About Uniting

At Uniting, we believe in taking real steps to make the world a better place. We work to inspire people, enliven communities and confront injustice. Our services are in the areas of aged care, disability, community services and chaplaincy.  We also get involved in social justice and advocacy issues that impact the people we serve. As an organisation we celebrate diversity and welcome all people regardless of lifestyle choices, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation or gender identity.