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How do we apply for a grant?

The Uniting Innovative Community Grant Fund operates as a three-tiered* grant fund and all applications need to be made through the Uniting ICGF Application Portal.

For an explanation of the Grants submission and assessment process timeline - download a process chart here.

* Please Note: Applications for Impact Grants will next open in 2020.

Apply here

If we have an idea for an activity but do not know how to get it moving, can we get help?

Uniting’s team of Church Engagement Leaders are here to help you think and talk through your ideas and the application process. They can help you with every step of the process and provide invaluable support and advice.

For an outline of the assistance that our Church Engagement Leaders are able to provide to grant applicants - download the Church Engagement Leader Brochure here.

See the list of Church Engagement Leaders for your region

I am experiencing difficulties with the online application. Who can help me?

Please contact the Administrator of the Innovative Community Grant Fund, Carla Stevens 02 9275 930402 9275 9304.

If we have any questions about the application process or need assistance with our application who do we contact?

Please contact the Administrator of the Innovative Community Grant Fund, Carla Stevens 02 9275 930402 9275 9304.

What can we expect to happen once we have made an application?

Capacity Grant applications will be reviewed and assessed by an assessment panel in your region. Breakthrough Grants will be reviewed and assessed by a Central Assessment Panel. Impact Grants are not funded this year.

The Panels will identify projects that meet the criteria for the Fund. They may then need to prioritise projects that they believe have the most merit if requests for funding exceed the amount of funding available. Panel members may contact you to clarify any questions they have about your application before final decisions are made.

Applicants will be notified of this outcome in August.

Can our budget include capital works, recurrent costs or salaries?

Capital works, recurrent costs and salaries are often items that cause confusion for applicants. Funds for capital works and short-term recurrent costs are occasionally approved if they are critical enablers for a project meeting the Innovative Community Grants Fund objectives. For example, funds may be approved to refurbish a space in which new outreach programs to disadvantaged groups will run several days a week. However, funds are unlikely to be approved to refurbish a hall floor for a lunch program that will run or is running once a week. As funds are only available for a year at a time, recurrent funding (for instance to pay a salary) is rarely approved. Share your ideas with your local Church Engagement Leader who will help you in this matter.

Can we get a grant for more than one year?

Yes, Breakthrough Grants provide funding of up to $30,000 for 1-2 years and Impact grants provide funding for 1-5 years, as required.

Can we work with other organisations to implement this project, or apply for funding for a larger project if we can find other sources of funding to cover the shortfall?

Yes, the Innovative Community Grants Fund encourages you to work with others, and we are keen to support activities in partnership with other organisations or funding bodies.

Must our “project” be related to one of the services or supports of Uniting?

No. Your project should make a difference to people in your community who are experiencing disadvantage.

What happens if we run into difficulties and find that we need to make some changes to our project during implementation?

We understand that not all circumstances can be foreseen and that projects need to be flexible enough to respond to new opportunities. We also encourage you to try new things and learn from what works and what doesn’t work.

If you find that changes are needed to reach your objectives please contact your local Church Engagement Leader.

What is our responsibility for reporting on our project?

Grant recipients must complete a financial acquittal form and a review form, outlining how well you achieved your objectives and any lessons you learnt at the completion of your project. If your project takes more than one year to complete, you will be required to provide an interim acquittal and monitoring report.

If you are having difficulty with reporting or setting up a system, we can arrange for someone to help you

How can we learn from others and share what we learn?

We encourage you to work with and talk to others in your community, and elsewhere. Your local Church Engagement Leader in your region is available to support you to make contact with others, to set up systems that support you to learn from what you are doing and to share what you learn.