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All licensed providers are members of Newpin Australia. Newpin Australia is a collaborative association which supports and guides the development of Newpin in Australia. Uniting staff and representatives from each Newpin service provider form the association.

At Newpin Australia, we aim to:

  • Promote Newpin as an effective national therapeutic restoration and reunification program that supports and empowers families to provide safe, nurturing environments for children and break cycles of child neglect and abuse
  • Share contacts, skills and resources to assist Newpin in Australia, and support and promote the activities of Newpin to the wider community
  • Help develop strong links between Newpin teams from different parts of Australia, to encourage staff to support and learn from each other
  • Share practical information on Newpin with the general public, governments, academics and non-government organisations
  • Provide guidance and advice on running the Newpin program
  • Find solutions to any challenges that may arise in the development of Newpin in Australia
  • Support the on-going quality assurance and accreditation of Newpin programs
  • Connect with organisations that offer the Newpin program internationally.

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Newpin Australia members area

If you're a staff member working in a Newpin program elsewhere in Australia, you can find plenty of useful information here. Please note the documents included here are for use by Newpin staff only and are not for general distribution.

Newpin Australia members area

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