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Terms and conditions

31 December offer - terms and conditions

Receive $5,000 towards removal costs and a $5,000 reimbursement of recurrent charges in the first year at Uniting Mawarra West Pennant Hills and Uniting Kentgrove Kenthurst over-55s villages. For a limited time only, so please book an inspection today.

Terms and conditions

  1. The offer applies to any purchase of any Uniting villa or apartment at the following villages only:
    Uniting Mawarra West Pennant Hills and
    Uniting Kentgrove Kenthurst
  2. Agreement to purchase must be signed before December 31.
  3. The offer applies to any size unit or villa at the villages in (1).
  4. The $5000 towards removalist costs means that Uniting pays a removal company engaged by Uniting up to $5000 for packing, moving and unpacking, including insurance. If the costs exceed $5000, the purchaser pays the balance over $5000. Uniting will agree all additional costs with a purchaser prior to removal.
  5. With regards to the $5000 off recurrent fees or service charges, the payment will still apply in respect of recurrent fees or service charges and Uniting will then reimburse recurrent or village service fees every 90 days until the reimbursed total reaches a value of $5000.
  6. Valid until 31 December 2017 only.
Inspired Outcomes downsizing offer - terms and conditions (ends 30 Nov)

Secure your new villa or apartment in a Uniting independent living village by requesting a contract between 23 October 2017 and 30 November 2017 and receive a custom Inspired Outcomes downsizing package valued at $1,500.

Terms and conditions

1 The offer applies to any purchase of a Uniting unit or villa located in the Sydney metropolitan area, namely:

2 Agreement to purchase must be initiated by a request for contract before 30 November 2017.

3 The offer applies to any size unit or villa at the villages as stated in item 1.

4 The $1,500 offer means that Uniting will pay Inspired Outcomes for the following services:

  • Initial consultation service
    The initial consultation includes a survey to ascertain what type of home the person, or couple, may be looking for is undertaken.
  • Support with selection of a real estate agency
    Please note, Inspired Outcomes receives a referral fee from an agent appointed by you which Inspired Outcomes has recommended.
  • Downsizing preparation
    To ensure that you feel “at home” in your new home, the consultant from Inspired Outcomes takes photographs of your current home to ensure where furniture and beloved keepsakes are placed, including photographs, favourite items of china, favourite coffee mug etc. They also arrange for photos to be taken inside the cupboards, so that those unpacking to set up your new home know where to place their crockery, saucepans and cutlery etc to set up their new home.
    The next step is to ascertain what items of furniture you wish to take to your new home. To ensure that this is a smooth process, the Inspired Outcomes consultant arranges for items to be measured, and the floor plans of the unit measured so that it remains as homely as possible.

    In cases where the items cannot be taken, the Inspired Outcomes consultant will personally take you shopping for that new lounge or dining room suite to ensure that your new unit feels like home when you finally move in. They will even help you to choose new blinds or curtaining if required.
  • Switching over utilities, insurances and post
    4 weeks before the move, a consultant from Inspired Outcomes arranges for the electricity, gas, phone or Foxtel to be disconnected and reconnected to your new home. Inspired Outcomes will also arrange for a mail redirection with Austraia Post.
  • Welcome package to new home
    When you enter your new home everything is in place, as much as possible according to how your former home was arranged – crockery and saucepans in cupboards, medication in a familiar place, your favourite mug, coffee and sugar at hand. Even the bed is made up for you.

5 The following Items are not included in the offer. However, they are offered by Inspired Outcomes for an additional fee:

  • Decluttering – selling unwanted items
  • Packing
  • Removal
  • Unpacking.