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Financial options

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The cost of living in an independent living village is usually broken down into two parts - the initial cost of your home (called an ingoing contribution) and regular fees (called recurrent charges) which help cover the cost of maintaining the village.

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Loan and Licence Agreement

As a resident, you enter into a 'Loan and Licence Agreement.' The sum you pay is an interest free loan commonly known as an 'ingoing contribution' to The Uniting Church of Australia Property Trust (NSW). The Licence agreement provides the flexibility of living in your home but you don't own it in the traditional sense. If you decide to move out you have greater flexibility. This system means that you avoid stamp duty and real estate fees and are free from the hassles of selling your home.

We offer a number of flexible payment and financial options:

Standard Ingoing Contribution

With a standard option the departure fee is based on a percentage per annum of the 30% of the entire Ingoing Contribution being deducted over a maximum of five years (6% per year, calculated on a daily basis).

Higher Ingoing Contribution

With this higher option, 100% of the Ingoing Contribution (that is, the entire amount paid by you at the start of your residency) will be returned at the end of your stay at the village. This 'no departure fee' option involves payment of a higher, fully refundable ingoing contribution.

Lower Ingoing Contribution

With a lower option, the departure fee is based on a percentage per annum of the ingoing contribution with 100% of the entire ingoing contribution deducted over a maximum of four years (25% per year, calculated on a daily basis).

Regular village fees

One of the many benefits of moving into an independent living community is that most aspects of maintenance are looked after by us, giving you more time to enjoy yourself. To help cover the cost of these services, residents are charged a periodic fee which they can choose to pay fortnightly or monthly.

This fee covers:

  • All rates
  • Reasonable maintenance of fixtures, fittings and equipment provided by Uniting
  • Cleaning and maintenance of common areas
  • Care of gardens
  • Building insurance cover.

Fees are reviewed annually and your Village Manager will consult with you when changes to fees are required. You are able to choose the services and providers that suit your budget and lifestyle, including telephone, internet, electricity and contents insurance.

Renting with Uniting

We provide rental accommodation through a range of rental programs including Social Housing, Affordable Housing, National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) and our own non-government funded rental housing.

Because most of the accommodation is located in our retirement villages, tenants (and, generally, members of their household) need to be 55 years of age or over or 45 years of age or over if Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

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If you’re interested in purchasing a property, you can view our list of properties for sale.

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