Spiritual and pastoral care

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Spiritual and pastoral care

Holistic support, your way

Pastoral care is about ‘being with’ people and sharing their journey

Our pastoral care workers offer spiritual support and conversation with our residents, clients, volunteers and staff. Sometimes that can just be a listening ear as we support the wellbeing of the whole person.

You don’t have to be religious or part of any faith – anyone is welcome to contact our pastoral care and chaplaincy team at Uniting.

Uniting considers the provision of pastoral care and chaplaincy services an essential component of our services.

Ministers and pastoral care visitors from the Uniting church, other Christian denominations or non-Christian faiths, or community cultural groups are welcome to visit our services.

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We’re here for everyone. Life can have its ups and downs, and there will be times when you need a listening ear. Our Spiritual and Pastoral Care Team is here to listen and support you in both good and challenging times.

If you would like to chat, we’re only an email or phone call away.

Call us on 1800 864 846 or email ask@uniting.org

Rick Morrell
Director of Mission
T: (02) 9376 1490 F: (02) 9267 4842
M: 0417 979 244
E: rmorrell@uniting.org

Joseph Abad
Pastoral Education Coordinator
T: (02) 9376 1454
M: 0467 744 573
E: jabad@uniting.org

Helen Dau
Personal Assistant to Director of Mission
T: (02) 9376 1425
E: hdau@uniting.org

Rev. Gwen Graham
Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy Coordinator
Central Coast, Hunter, New England
T: (02) 4908 0255
M: 0439 605 693
E: ggraham@uniting.org

Katharine Thornley
Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy Coordinator
Sydney Central
T: (02) 9369 0365
M: 0434 077 349
E: kthornley@uniting.org

Robert Atherton
Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy Co-ordinator
North Coast
T: (02) 6624 6333
M: 0407 735 733
E: ratherton@uniting.org

Jennifer Johnston
Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy Coordinator
Sydney North
T: (02) 9977 7366
M: 0415 465 258
E: jjohnston@uniting.org

Rev. Kevin Duck
Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy Coordinator
T: (02) 4752 2018
E: kduck@uniting.org

Susan Cann
Pastoral care and Chaplaincy Coordinator
T: 0244216400
M: 0439320347
E: scann@uniting.org

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