Keeping contact

Parenting orders program

The Keeping Contact - Parent Orders Program is specifically designed for parents who are experiencing difficulty or conflict in meeting the requirements of parenting order made by the court, or as agreed by the parents in mediation arrangements.

Keeping Contact is funded by the Australian Government Attorney-General's Department. Family members, including children, can receive a range of services such as counselling, mediation and group work education as part of the Parenting Orders Program.

We’re here to provide support and help strengthen safe and respectful relationships between parents and children following separation and divorce. The aim is to help children avoid the pain and distress of ongoing conflict.

How we can help

Our accredited and highly experienced Uniting counsellors provide a calm and safe environment for parents to express their needs and concerns, address differences and focus on building a healthier relationship for the sake of their children.

What’s involved?

The program encourages children experiencing divorce and separation to meet with a counsellor with specialised training in Child Consultation. This is to ensure any child/children involved have a say in the arrangement of the parenting order.

Couples and families that undertake our Keeping Contact Program are assigned with a counsellor from the initial assessment, who manages their case and designs a plan of support to help all parties involved through what can be an emotionally draining time.

All sessions are kept confidential except in certain circumstances where this is a safety concern.

Get started

The courts may encourage or order parents to attend the program.

To set up an initial assessment interview, find out about costs or secure a service call us at a location convenient for you:

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