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Family and parenting issues

Parenting can be a tough gig

Children bring great joy to our lives, but sometimes you might need some support along the way. At Uniting we provide family counselling for children, youths and parents.

How we can help

Uniting offers counselling that can help you master new parenting skills, effectively communicate with your children and build a strong partnership as parents. We believe that you work best as a team and aim to encourage positive relationship building. 

Family and parenting counselling may help you with:

  • Child behavioural problems
  • Identifying and setting boundaries with your child/children
  • Issues at school
  • Negotiating time with and apart from family
  • Positive parenting throughout separation and divorce
  • Children with special needs.

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Campbelltown (including Campbelltown Family Relationship Centre) - (02) 4629 7000
E: UnifamCampbelltown@uniting.org

Fairfield - Family Relationship Centre - (02) 9794 2000
E: Unifamfairfieldfrc@uniting.org

Gosford - (02) 4325 9666
E: UnifamGosford@uniting.org

Newcastle - (02) 4925 6000
E: UnifamNewcastle@uniting.org

Nowra - (02) 4423 7782
E: UnifamNowra@uniting.org

Parramatta - (02) 8830 0700
E: UnifamParramatta@uniting.org

Penrith - (02) 4732 3836
E: UnifamPenrith@uniting.org

Sydney - (02) 9373 5500
E: UnifamSydney@uniting.org

Wollongong (including Wollongong Family Relationship Centre) - (02) 4220 1100
E: UnifamWollongong@uniting.org

The Uniting Family Dispute Resolution program is funded and approved by the Australian Government’s Attorney General’s Department and the Department of Social Services.