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Family relationship centres

Help for families

Uniting Family Relationship Centres are a gateway for families to information and support.

They can assist by providing in-house family dispute resolution (mediation) for separated couples and families or by referring anyone who is experiencing family and relationship difficulties to other local services.


We believe all people should have access to our services. We provide intake, assessment, education and the first hour of family dispute resolution (mediation) free of charge:

  • For those earning under $50,000 further family dispute resolution (mediation) sessions are also free of charge
  • For those earning over $50,000 a charge may be applied. Fee exemptions apply to Australian health care card holders.

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Campbelltown (including Campbelltown Family Relationship Centre) - (02) 4629 7000
E: UnifamCampbelltown@uniting.org

Fairfield - Family Relationship Centre - (02) 9794 2000
E: Unifamfairfieldfrc@uniting.org

Wollongong (including Wollongong Family Relationship Centre) - (02) 4220 1100
E: UnifamWollongong@uniting.org