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Post-separation counselling

Keeping Contact

Parenting Orders Program

The Keeping Contact Program works specifically with parents who are experiencing difficulty making their Court Orders and parenting arrangements work effectively for their children.

It’s difficult to parent when you are in high conflict and not communicating. The program aims to support and strengthen safe, respectful relationships between parents and children following separation and divorce. We have worked successfully with parents to establish strategies that work. We can help you to assist your children to avoid the pain and distress of ongoing conflict after separation.

The Keeping Contact Program is not part of the Family Court or the Federal Circuit Court. The court may recommend or order parents to attend the program.

We will help you to express your needs and concerns, address your differences and focus on better relationships for you and your children. As part of our child inclusive practice, your children will also have the opportunity to talk to an independent child counsellor who will feedback to you their needs and concerns.

Discussions in the Keeping Contact Program are confidential except in certain circumstances where there is a safety concern.

The Keeping Contact Program is held at the following centres: