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Connect parents (Click or tap to expand)

Connect Parents is a group for parents whose kids are attending support groups (ie Jigsaw, Connect Kids, STORMS).

When is the next group

Connect Parents is run regularly in various locations. Contact us for more information.

Talking with your kids (Click or tap to expand)

Talking With Your Kids is a three-hour seminar that helps parents to talk to their kids about the difficult issues that may arise after separation, whether the separation is recent or occurred several years ago. Discussion of issues includes:

  • Parental conflict
  • Carrying messages
  • Financial issues
  • Taking sides
  • Your children’s understanding of the separation
  • Relationships between parents and children
  • Loyalty issues
  • Step-parents and blended families.

Talking With Your Kids is held in small groups, or individually, facilitated by a highly trained counsellor.

When is the next seminar

Contact us for more information or to book into an upcoming seminar.

Post-separation parenting (Click or tap to expand)

New Families is a program aimed at providing parents with the knowledge and skills they need to support and enhance their children’s adjustment following separation.

It involves meeting with a practitioner weekly for 2 hours per session over the course of six weeks, and will help you:

  • Recognise your child’s emotional and behavioural responses to the separation and ways you can support them.
  • Understand the process of separation.
  • Learn the 'how-to' of post separation parenting.
  • Utilise more effective parenting skills across households.
  • Identify and assist in meeting the changing needs of your child.
  • Identify and explore how your reactions as a parent affect your child’s adjustment to the separation.
  • Explore ways you can reduce conflict.

When is the next seminar

Contact us for more information.

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