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Separation and divorce

Support is available

Uniting separation and divorce services provide a range of information and tools to help you adjust to new family arrangements that can often be painful and upsetting.

These situations commonly occur during separation, when meeting someone new, adapting to step families and when children are struggling to adjust to changes in the family environment.

How we can help

Uniting can help you and your partner communicate effectively, assist in parenting matters and guide you and your family through the separation and divorce process. We encourage co-operative parenting arrangements and have referral services for specialist financial and legal advice if required.

What we offer

  • Separate and joint counselling sessions for you and your partner
  • Family dispute resolution (mediation)
  • Mediation or dispute resolution around children’s issues or financial matters without going to court
  • Uniting Family Relationship Centres
  • Post-separation counselling for both men and women
  • Group programs and seminars
  • Under two year marriage counselling certificates
  • 60i Certificates
  • Supporting kids though separation and divorce in the Uniting Anchor program.


Uniting believes all people should have access to our services and for this reason we keep our fees as low as possible. If you have any concerns about being able to pay for services, please talk to our team.

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