Groups for kids 6 to 11 years

Jigsaw (Click or tap to expand)

Jigsaw is a fun six week group for kids after their parents have separated and before making an application to the court for Parenting Orders.

Jigsaw aims to help children feel less isolated and address issues such as change and loss after separation. Childrencan experience strong feelings, even if the separation was a long time ago. The group convers the following areas:

  • Understanding separation – Children can feel upset and angry, relieved, confused or distressed when parents separate. Jigsaw aims to help children understand what is happening and develop positive ways to manage the changes.
  • Identifying and expressing feelings – After separation kids can find it difficult to talk to their parents or friends about how they are feeling. Jigsaw gives kids a chance to talk about these feelings, find out they are not alone and explore the loss that can happen with so much change.

When is the next group

Jigsaw is run regularly in various locations for children aged 6–11 years. Contact us to find out more.

Connect kids (Click or tap to expand)

Connect Kids is a group for kids aged 6 to 11 years with parents who have separated and who are not getting along.

Connect Kids is a fun, supportive group which aims to help kids adjust to some of the difficulties of separation and divorce. The group runs for six to eight weeks. Topics covered include:

  • Getting to know each other and learning a little about each other’s families – Kids meet others whose parents are separated and who continue to be in high conflict.
  • Going between houses – Kids are given a chance to talk about moving between two homes and what that can be like.
  • Exploring feelings and different points of view – Kids explore different feelings and think about how family members have different points of view.
  • Relaxation – Kids learn relaxation techniques.
  • Parental conflict – Kids explore what it is like living with separated parents who don’t get on.
  • Roles for parents and kids – Kids explore roles for parents compared with what are appropriate roles for them in families.
  • The difference between feelings and behaviour – We discuss how and why people don’t always show their true feelings and introduce the idea of masking feelings.
  • Looking at the future – We help kids to understand they have choices about their future and about the way they act on feelings.

Connect Kids is part of both The Anchor (supporting kids through separation) and Keeping Contact programs and can be attended separately from either program.

When is the next group

Connect Kids runs in various locations and is for children aged 6–11 years. Contact us to find out more.

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