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Seminars for school professionals and parents

We offer 2 separate one-hour seminars to help school professionals (teachers and counsellors) and parents understand and support students dealing with the issues around separation and divorce.

Somersaulting through separation

A one-hour seminar on the impact of separation on children and young people to help teachers, school counsellors and other staff identify and respond to students who might be struggling after their parents’ separation or divorce.


  • Reactions to separation – how do children and young peopleunderstand and react to separation and parental conflict?
  • Impact on development – What are their developmental needs and vulnerabilities through the separation process?
  • Coping mechanisms – What resources do they have for managing family stress and defending themselves?
  • Responding – What can school professionals do to assist kids and their parents through this time?

Growing through separation

This is a one-hour seminar for parents, which focuses on the impact of separation and divorce on children and young people. The presentation is based on the theme of nature and speaks about nutrients and scaffolding that can help children thrive and grow. We talk about common issues for kids and their experience of separation, supports needed, and how to promote supportive relationships with kids (as carers, parents or other concerned adults) following family separation or divorce. It can be run during school hours for parents who are available or after hours for working parents.

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