Family dispute resolution

Family dispute resolution (mediation) is a confidential affordable process for parents and carers to work out how they’ll manage the future care of their children, arrange finances or divide property.

Ongoing and unresolved conflict within families can lead to emotional stress for children. It is important to attempt to sort things out so that children don’t get confused or become worried and anxious.

Mediation also:

  • Assists families to reduce conflict.
  • Promotes positive relationships between children and parents.
  • Emphasises productive co-parenting.
  • Offers an alternative to going through the court process.
  • Can involve a Child Inclusive Practice (CIP) where voices of children are considered.

We can also assist you to access advisory services, child focused information seminars, Child Consultation and legal referrals.

Common issues raised at mediation include:

  • Care of children – the time spent with parents after separation or divorce.
  • Parenting Plans – a pathway to gaining Consent Orders.
  • Property settlement.
  • Education – choosing schools.
  • Financial matters – health, medical school and activity related expenses.
  • Contact with grandparents and extended family members.
  • Strengthening bonds between parents and children.
  • Communication between parents or parents and children.
  • Special events – Christmas, birthdays and milestones.
  • Passports – travel and holidays.
  • Relocation.
  • Introducing new partners.
  • Pets.

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If you would like to know more about Uniting’s parenting and property mediation services as well as additional information to help you prepare for your mediation process at Uniting, please take a look at our video resources.

Frequently asked questions about mediation.

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