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Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between Family Dispute Resolution and mediation? (Click or tap to expand)

There are different types of mediation. Family dispute resolution is a type of mediation where parents and families sort out care arrangements for their children and divide property when they separate or divorce.

Why do I need to attend mediation? Why can’t I just go to court? (Click or tap to expand)

There are different ways to agree on parenting issues after separation.

If you are able to agree on parenting issues you may not need to attend mediation.

The Family Law Act requires parents to attempt mediation before making an application for Parenting Orders.

Mediation provides an opportunity to sort things out without going through a lengthy expensive court process. If parents are unable to reach agreement at mediation, court remains an option.

Do our children attend mediation? (Click or tap to expand)

Although children do not attend mediation appointments, their developmental needs and best interests are vital considerations in every mediation.

Will the mediator make decisions for us? (Click or tap to expand)

Parents make the decisions. The mediator’s role is to help parents work together, consider options and come up with solutions that are workable for their children and families.

Is mediation suitable for everyone? (Click or tap to expand)

Sometimes parents do not end up mediating because mediation may not be helpful or suitable. In these situations the mediator will discuss your options with you.

Why might I need an s60I certificate? What is it? (Click or tap to expand)

A certificate may be issued where mediation is unsuitable, agreement hasn’t been reached, one party is unable to be located or declines the invitation to mediate. An s60I certificate lets the court know that parties have made an attempt to mediate before making an application for Parenting Orders.

Do we need to mediate property settlements before going to court? (Click or tap to expand)

No. Unlike parenting issues you can take property matters directly to court if you wish. Property mediation is a low cost alternative to court. Our service follows the process for the division of property that is set out in the Family Law Act. This service is available to separating couples with or without children.

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