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Legal certificates

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Uniting are able to assist with two types of legal certificates: Section 60I and Under Two Year Marriage counselling Certificate.

Section 60i

In order to apply to the court for parenting orders, parties are required to file with the court a Section 60i Certificate. The certificate demonstrates that the parties have made a genuine effort to resolve the dispute through Family Dispute Resolution (Mediation).

Uniting’s practitioners are accredited with the Australian Attorney-General’s Department and as such, are authorised to issue Section 60I Certificates.

A Section 60I Certificate may be issued when:

  • one person attempted Family Dispute Resolution (Mediation), but the other party/s failed to attend
  • the mediator has assessed that Family Dispute Resolution (Mediation) is not appropriate
  • the parties have attended Family Dispute Resolution (Mediation) and have not been able to resolve the issues

There are exceptions to the requirement to file a Section 60I Certificate. For example, where the court is satisfied there are reasonable grounds to believe that the application is sufficiently urgent, if a child has been abused or there is a risk of family violence.

A Section 60I Certificate will not be issued by Uniting unless the person seeking the Certificate has demonstrated a genuine attempt to commence the Family Dispute Resolution (Mediation) assessment process. This will at the very least involve an individual (confidential) intake interview.

Not all cases will be assessed as appropriate for Family Dispute Resolution (Mediation).

Under Two Year Marriage Counselling Certificate

This certificate is for spouses who have been married for less than 2 years and want to apply for a divorce. The court will usually require a counselling certificate stating that the parties have considered reconciliation with the assistance of an accredited counsellor.

Uniting’s practitioners are accredited with the Australian Attorney-General’s Department and as such, are court approved to provide relationship counselling for couples in need.

There are some exceptions to the requirement for a certificate, including cases involving family violence or child abuse.

How we can help

Uniting offers counselling for the individual parties as well as joint counselling, depending on the circumstances. When you make an appointment with us to acquire the Under Two Year Marriage Counselling Certificates, we will invite the other party to attend the counselling session. If the other party does attend, we will issue you with the certificate if it is still required. If the other party does not respond or attend the counselling, we will issue you with the required certificate.


The cost of obtaining a counselling certificate is $100 for each attendee. This cost includes the counselling session, the invite to the other party and the certificate.

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