Therapy intervention and support

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Therapy intervention and support

Supporting children and young people

Children change and as they do, their needs change too. If you are concerned about your child’s learning and involvement in everyday living, you might want support and advice that helps you build their opportunities to grow and develop. We will work with you to get the support and therapy you need.

As a parent, you know how well your child is doing and if they would benefit from assistance with:

Learning and growth
  • Gaining new skills to take the next big step in life, like transitioning to kindy, school or work.
  • Communicating, being curious and making connections with others.
Socialising and fun
  • Learning how to be social and make new friends.
  • Taking up hobbies and interests such as a sport or social group activities with other children.
Being themselves
  • Developing positive behaviour.
  • Understanding their interests, strengths and needs.
  • Developing the skills needed to feel comfortable in new situations or activities.

If so, we can help in several ways. We can:

  • Work with you, your child and your family, from birth to 24 years
  • Help identify your child’s needs through our assessment services
  • Come to you so everything happens in your natural environment
  • Create a team that will support your child as they progress
  • Make the process easy by providing you with a single point of contact
  • Provide you with the specialist supports you may already have funding for, including NDIS specialist support and transdisciplinary early intervention support.

Your Key Worker

You and your child will have a dedicated person to help you access and coordinate support as it is needed. This person is called your Key Worker and it is their role to ensure:

  • Your child has the knowledge and expertise you need from within the team
  • The services provided will successfully integrate with other supports in place
  • Services are consistent and deliver the greatest benefit to your child and family.

We have Key Workers with skills, experience and backgrounds in Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Early Childhood Education.

We come to you

We can come to you. It’s easy, just ask for our mobile service and we’ll organise the rest. Familiar surroundings, where your child spends most of their time are always best. We can meet at your home, child care/preschool, school or other community location of your choice.

Service cost

Uniting is dedicated to giving your child the best start possible. We keep our fees as low as possible and give you high quality, high value services, no matter how they are funded. We are a registered provider with

  • The NDIS
  • Better Start
  • Helping Children with Autism.

We also have practitioners who are registered for Medicare rebates (under GP Care Plans) and private health insurance extras. Please let us know if you have any concerns about the costs. We’re here to help, so will talk you through it.

Download our brochure on transdisciplinary support (pdf, 1.0 MB)

Get in touch

Our customer service team is available from Monday – Friday, 8.00am – 6.00pm AEST.

To find a program near you and your family, use our service finder.

Call us on 1800 864 846 (1800 UNITING).

Email us at ask@uniting.org

If you already use another Uniting service or are linked to another organisation, you can ask them to contact us on your behalf. We then get things moving fast so you can access the services you need now.

For professionals

If you are a health or education professional, we welcome enquiries and joint requests for our services from you and the family you are working with.

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