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Move and stay well

If you are a patient in the War Memorial Hospital rehabilitation unit or over 60 years of age and live within the suburb boundaries of War Memorial Hospital, the Physiotherapy team can provide rehabilitation for movement problems.

How we can help

We offer both one-on-one appointments as well as exercise groups to improve your mobility, confidence and strength.

Exercise groups

If you are experiencing movement problems (including those associated with mid stage Parkinson’s disease) this “circuit” style class aims to improve your leg strength, balance and general conditioning.

Group sessions run twice a week.

Because of the physical nature of the class, in order to attend you need to be able to

  • Stand up from a chair independently with or without the use of hands
  • Walk 10 metres with or without a walking aid or the assistance of one person (you will need to bring your assistant if required)
  • Bear at least half your body weight on each leg
  • Be committed to completing the program.

Tai Chi

If you are looking to improve your balance and exercise endurance, Tai Chi is an excellent way to start.

Group sessions run twice a week, with the aim of progressing you to a community based program.

Because of the physical nature of the class, in order to attend you need to be able to walk unaided or with minimal use of one walking stick.

Aquatic physiotherapy (Hydrotherapy)

Aquatic physiotherapy (or hydrotherapy) is available on site at War Memorial Hospital.

Our physiotherapists will talk with you and determine your eligibility.

Group sessions run twice a week and a small fee is charged for outpatients’ use of the pool.

There are also private physiotherapists who use the War Memorial Hospital hydrotherapy pool. These practitioners have their own fee schedule.  Call the Outpatient Intake Officer on (02) 9369 0217 for their details.

Aquatic physiotherapy (Hydrotherapy) for people with Parkinson's disease

Hydrotherapy can help improve wellbeing for people with Parkinson’s disease.

We are currently evaluating the effectiveness of this program through a research project (randomised controlled trial). Ethical approval has been granted by the northern sector of the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District Ethics Committee. We welcome interested participants.

Walking aids and equipment

Sometimes a piece of equipment can really help to keep your independence.

We can provide advice about suitable walking aids, and where to purchase them from. Short term loans are also possible. For further information call the ELP officer on (02) 9369 0321.

Get started

To register, you will need a letter of referral from your doctor or a physiotherapist at a referring hospital.

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Call the Northern Network Access Referral Centre (NNARC) on (02) 9369 0400.