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Counselling and mediation

Our range of counselling and mediation services across nine office locations provide a safe, confidential place to talk about concerns and relationship issues.

It takes courage to ask for support.

You can count on us to treat you with utmost respect and to acknowledge your unique values, beliefs, and your right to self-determination.

Our clients are diverse, and include families, children, separated parents, grandparents, couples and individuals who are steering their way through life’s changes.


Uniting believes all people should have access to professional counselling and mediation so we keep our fees as low as possible. Please contact one of our offices to discuss the cost of an appointment and to get started.

We provide practical assistance for:

  • Parents, children and grandparents experiencing family separation.
  • Creating Parenting Plans.
  • Children adjusting to their parents’ separation (children’s counselling and groups).
  • Parents wanting to work out ways to co-parent constructively after separation.
  • Reaching property settlements.
  • Managing relationships and feelings of loss, anxiety and depression.
  • Strengthening and enhancing relationships (family and couples counselling).
  • Managing debt related to gambling issues (gambling help and financial counselling; Campbelltown and Nowra locations).

Counselling and Mediation appointments are confidential and the right to privacy is protected. Information will only be disclosed with your permission, or if required by law.

What’s the difference between mediation and counselling?


Mediation is sometimes referred to as Family Dispute Resolution. This is where two or more parties meet with a mediator and try to work out differences. This may include how much time children will spend with either parent or caregiver, or how to divide assets or debts after separation. Mediators provide a process to assist both parties to effectively manage difficult discussions so that they may reach agreement.


Counselling helps children, adults, couples and families better relate to themselves and others, while fostering healthy thinking and behavior. This may require learning to manage and express feelings effectively and develop skills to respond to others who may be experiencing distress.

Some families find it helpful when our mediators and counsellors work together with them. This team approach can be most effective when it comes to resolving disagreements and ensuring emotional safety.

Our post-separation counselling programs include:

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