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Child inclusive practice

Child Inclusive Practice provides an opportunity for children to chat with a Child Consultant and for parents to receive feedback relating to their children.

Sometimes children feel angry, sad, confused or may be struggling to make sense of their emotions after parents separate. Child Inclusive Practice gives kids a neutral space to explore and discuss their feelings and thoughts around arrangements and matters that affect them.

It can be beneficial to hear how children are feeling when parents are considering care arrangements at mediation. Child Consultants are specialists in ensuring children’s voices are heard through the process of family separation. Child Consultants will provide information children feel comfortable to share. Feedback may include what’s going well for children and how parents can best support their kids.

Child Inclusive Practice can be a part of mediation, Anchor (supporting kids through separation) or Keeping Contact (post separation counselling) services. This process can be a valuable way for kids to have input into the decisions that affect them.

The video also explains Child Inclusive Practice and is captioned in a number of community languages. The captions can be activated using the closed captioning (CC) button.

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