Service Detail

Office locations

Get in touch about counselling

To set up an initial assessment interview, find out about costs or secure a service call or email an office near you.

Where Family Dispute Resolution is considered appropriate, joint sessions will then be scheduled.

Campbelltown (02) 4629 7000 UnifamCampbelltown@uniting.org
Gosford (02) 4325 9666 UnifamGosford@uniting.org
Newcastle (02) 4925 6000 UnifamNewcastle@uniting.org
Nowra (02) 4423 7782 UnifamNowra@uniting.org
Penrith (02) 4732 3836 UnifamPenrith@uniting.org
Parramatta (02) 8830 0700 UnifamParramatta@uniting.org
Sydney (02) 9373 5500 UnifamSydney@uniting.org
Wollongong (02) 4220 1100 UnifamWollongong@uniting.org

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