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It's the little things
Little things can make all the difference.
Sarah, Malcolm, Jeff and Ryan are just a few of the people we've helped through our disability services. Watch as they share their stories with you.

Malcolm's story
Malcolm has Autism and was getting into trouble at school for being disruptive in class. With the help of his Uniting support consultant, Malcolm is now happier and more engaged at school. Malcolm has made many new friends and would like to become an anti-bullying campaigner.

Jeff's story
After years going from boarding house to boarding house, Jeff discovered Uniting. He wanted to live more independently and now he is enjoying the freedom of looking after his own place and being part of the Uniting family.

Ryan's story
For Ryan, every day is his perfect day. Ryan had a tough childhood and didn’t think he was anybody special. Over the past couple of years Ryan and his family have worked with Uniting to learn new independent living skills. He now gets involved in social activities and he loves his job.

Sarah's story
It’s the little things that make all the difference for Matthew and Nicholas. The eight-year-old twin boys are supported by Uniting respite, setting them up for the future and giving their mum Sarah and the rest of the family time out for themselves.

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