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Aboriginal carers

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Children who have strong connections with their culture, community and family have higher self-esteem, confidence and expectations of what they can achieve.

Aboriginal carers play an important role in supporting the lives of Aboriginal children and young people.

You may choose to care for a child for a weekend each month, for a few weeks, months or even years.

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Ngurambang Out-of-Home Care

Ngurambang Out-of-Home Care provides support for Aboriginal children and young people living in care.

Meaning "special place/home" in Wiradjuri, the service aims to:

  • Provide culturally appropriate support to Aboriginal children and young people in care
  • Support carers
  • Facilitate life opportunities
  • Develop relationships with birth families.

Ngurambang Incorporated is an Aboriginal community controlled organisation established to govern the Ngurambang Out-of-Home Care service. It is supported by a partnership with Uniting.

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To contact one our foster care coordinators call us on 1800 864 846 (1800 UNITING) or email us.

Gaba Yula Aboriginal Out-of-Home Care

At Gaba Yula, Aboriginal caseworkers provide support for Aboriginal carers and Aboriginal young people living in care. Gaba Yula means "to make good again" in the language of the Gomeroi people. The service aims to meet the needs of vulnerable and high-risk children, their families and carers by providing:

  • Care recruitment
  • Family contact, parenting services and reunification strategies
  • Training and support
  • Cultural connections
  • Access to supported playgroups.

Gaba Yula Aboriginal Out-of-Home Care is a partnership between the Greater Western Sydney Aboriginal Corporation and Uniting.

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To contact one our foster care coordinators call us on 1800 864 846 (1800 UNITING) or email us.

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