What our clients have said

Comments and compliments we have received from our clients over the years.

“We are all redeemable. So long as we have a pulse, we’re redeemable.”

“Without this place I would be dead. Simply, the MSIC saves lives.”

“MSIC has put a stable routine in my out-of-control life.”

“I have the highest regard for all the staff who have saved my life and helped me in every way that they can.”

“A totally indispensable service that has cleaned the Cross up, reduced street crime and the general sanitation of the neighbourhood streets.”

“The staff are extremely professional and caring, and give the proper care that overdosed patients need. The aftercare is exceptionally good – a lot of lives have been saved here at the MSIC.”

“Once I overdosed and if I was anywhere else, I would not still be here.”