Diary of an injecting centre

In the Eye of the Needle: Diary of a Medically Supervised Injecting Centre was written by Dr Ingrid van Beek, Foundation Medical Director of the Uniting MSIC, and published in 2004 by Allen and Unwin (ISBN 978-1741143812).

The following is an excerpt of the review of the book by Allan Clear, Executive Director of Harm Reduction Coalition, which appeared in the Harm Reduction Journal 2005.

"Dr Ingrid van Beek has diarised the early history of Sydney’s centre in her book, In the Eye of the Needle. This book is much more than the story of the medically supervised injection centre. The lessons imparted here are invaluable for everyone working with drug users, and have universal application. Van Beek skilfully weaves several different strands throughout the book including the mechanics of opening and running the centre; the emotional toll it takes on staff; the humanity of the drug users the centre serves; the need of the clients; and the scrutiny that an institution comes under for being deemed ‘controversial’. Ultimately this book is about how compassion, healthcare, dignity and human rights can be obtained for drug users."

—  Allan Clear, Executive Director of Harm Reduction Coalition, Harm Reduction Journal 2005 Volume 2(1):15.

If you would like to find out how to obtain a copy of this book, please get in touch with our Office Manager Rohan Glasgow on (02) 9360 1191 or email: rglasgow@uniting.org.