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The people at Uniting MSIC

At Uniting Medically Supervised Injecting Centre (MSIC), our dedicated, professional team is committed to supporting people in a holistic, person-centred way. We work closely together and share a joint vision of making a difference in the lives of the people we serve and improving our local community. We try to approach each day with a sense of enthusiasm and a touch of humour, as well as steadfast professionalism and dedication. We are proud to work at the Uniting MSIC.

Meet our management team below.

Dr Marianne Jauncey – Medical Director

Dr Marianne Jauncey

Dr Marianne Jauncey has been Medical Director of the Uniting MSIC since August 2008.

Dr Jauncey is a Public Health Physician who has worked in the drug and alcohol field since the late 1990s, including four years at the Kings Cross Kirketon Road Centre, which provides specialist health care for injecting drug users, sex workers and youth at risk.

She holds a Masters in Public Health and is a Conjoint Senior Lecturer at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre UNSW, and a Clinical Senior Lecturer at Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney. Her research interests include increasing access to hepatitis C treatment for injecting drug users, drug overdose and the physiological changes that occur after drug injection. She prides herself on ensuring any research conducted at Uniting MSIC is translated into practice and makes a difference to the people involved.

Dr Jauncey is an inspiration to her staff and is totally committed to ensuring Uniting MSIC meets the needs of its clients and community.

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Miranda St Hill – Service Operations Manager

Miranda St Hill

Miranda came to Uniting MSIC in July 2015. She brings a unique set of skills and professional experience from her earlier careers, firstly as a registered nurse in public teaching hospitals in London and Melbourne for 15 years, then as a solicitor in Melbourne and Sydney for 15 years, including being Legal Director of the Medical Council of NSW for five years.

Miranda believes in people always working to the very highest ethical standards and in approaching all human interactions with decency and fairness. She is delighted to be part of Uniting MSIC and to support the dedicated frontline staff who run Australia’s only such service.

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Julie Latimer – Nursing Unit Manager

Julie Latimer

Julie Latimer is a trained mental health nurse. Her extensive experience includes working in London’s Maudsley Addictions Directorate as a Clinical Charge Nurse in the Community Drug Team and as Deputy Team Leader of the Methadone Maintenance Clinic where her duties included co-ordinating the IV methadone clinic. Julie was also actively involved in the Randomised Injectable Opioid Treatment Trial (RIOTT) pilot programme for prescribed injectable Diamorphine in the UK.

Julie has been the Nursing Unit Manager at Uniting MSIC since January 2008. She is passionate about putting social justice principles into practice, and maintaining high professional standards in a compassionate and consistently non-judgemental manner.

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Sarah Hiley – Health Education Team Manager

Sarah Hiley

Thanks to her extensive work with clients of homeless services and drug and alcohol services, together with her talents for problem solving and empathetic listening, Sarah is regarded as an expert in harm minimisation. She managed and supported some of the first homeless accommodation services in London
that proactively housed injecting drug users. Sarah has worked in detoxification services in New Zealand and has been responsible for an Assertive Outreach Service, which worked with rough sleepers who have complex needs in the City of Sydney.

Sarah obtained a Masters of Science degree in Substance Misuse in 2009. She worked casually at Uniting MSIC for two years prior to being appointed the Health Education Team Manager in July 2010.

Sarah is unflagging in her energetic and empathetic communications with all clients and staff, and believes passionately in the service model offered at Uniting MSIC.

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William Wood – Referral Co-ordinator

William Wood

William is a Registered Nurse and Clinical Nurse Consultant. He has more than 15 years clinical experience in mental health, emergency care, and the drug and alcohol field. Will started work at Uniting MSIC in 2006 and brought with him an abiding commitment to the values of inclusiveness, client advocacy and social justice.

Will has a post-graduate diploma in social health and counselling. He was appointed to the Referral Co-ordinator position in August 2011.

Will is a passionate advocate for equitable access to health care. He argues that the right to health services that meets all people’s needs is fundamental and not diminished by a person’s cultural background, socioeconomic class, mental health status or drug use.

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Kate Hocknull – Mental Health Nurse Co-ordinator

Kate Hocknull

Kate is a trained mental health nurse and Clinical Nurse Consultant.

Kate has experience working as a case coordinator for the UK NHS Community Drug Services, and in Australia as a Mental Health Liaison Nurse in a busy Emergency Department. Kate has most recently worked as an Assertive Outreach Mental Health Clinician for St Vincent’s Homeless Health Service which supports rough sleepers with complex health needs in the City of Sydney.

Kate is a passionate advocate for trauma-informed, person-centred and holistic treatment in mental health care. She also believes that everyone should have the right to health care which is adapted to meet their needs, and believes services should always try to remove the barriers that make accessing health care such a challenge for marginalised community members.

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Dr Edmund Silins – Research Co-ordinator

Allison Salmon

Edmund has worked in the drug and alcohol sector for over 10 years and has managed and led research projects in a range of public health settings. He has extensive experience in population health research related to drug use and in applying epidemiological skills in real-world clinical settings. His research work has largely focused on drug-related issues for young and disadvantaged communities and spans prevention, harm reduction, intervention, and evaluation. He has a Conjoint Lecturer appointment at UNSW, Sydney, and has clinical experience in a range of healthcare settings from acute care to community-level alcohol and drug services. Dr Silins manages current and planned research projects at Uniting MSIC.

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Rohan Glasgow – Office Manager

Rohan Glasgow

Rohan has worked at Uniting MSIC since it opened in 2001. His administrative and managerial experience spans 30 years. After many years working at Telstra, Rohan decided he was keen to work for a community based organisation instead. He switched to become an administrative officer, and then acting Office Manager, at the Kirketon Road Centre in Kings Cross, a primary health care service for injecting drug users, sex workers and youth ‘at risk’.

Rohan was appointed Office Manager at Uniting MSIC in 2010.

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Our front line staff are experienced registered nurses and health education officers.

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Uniting MSIC is supported by a broadly based Community Consultation Committee, a range of health-related organisations and a wide range of politicians and private citizens.

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If you would like to find out more about Uniting MSIC, call us on +61 (0) 2 9360 1191 or email rglasgow@uniting.org.