Our values

Uniting values with a child focus

The Uniting values support the child wellbeing principles and approaches outlined in the following:

  • Creating Child Safe Institutions, Royal Commission into Institution Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
  • Principles for Child Safe Organisations,  Office of the Children’s Guardian
  • National Child Safe Policy Framework, Uniting Church in Australia
  • Convention of the Rights of the Child, UNICEF.


Abuse thrives on secrecy. We do not hide from the truth. We own and learn from our mistakes to refine our systems and strengthen our culture. We support and maintain an open culture. Our leaders set the standard.

We have responsibility for achieving much more than preventing abuse and our work doesn’t stop when we go home. We are advocates in our communities and homes.

We are transparent, we are accountable, and we work hard to be better.


We set clear expectations of how to respect children. We hold to account those who are disrespectful of children and who do not reflect these standards. We all hold a duty of care for children’s wellbeing.  We empower Uniting people, children, and families to speak up and take action when a child is at risk of harm.


Children play a vital role in vibrant and positive communities - their voices and opinions matter. We adopt child-friendly methods in our discussion with children around decisions that affect them.

We are imaginative. We will seek and respect children’s input. We listen and act on their concerns.


We listen and understand the concerns of others and act with empathy. Families and carers are actively involved, listened to, and respected.  We look for ways to support the needs of each child and family; understanding that every situation is different.

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