Systems for safeguarding

Our child wellbeing framework

Our culture

Uniting commits to protecting children’s right to reach their full potential through empowering their voice and to be free from all forms of abuse.

Our standards extend to Uniting People both at their workplace and advocacy within the community.

We are committed to our leaders setting the standard, a child safety and wellbeing approach that is embedded in our policies and practice and seeking children’s input and participation.

Our people

Our people whether they be employed, a carer or in a volunteer capacity have access to quality training and professional development. We adopt a learning culture, one that seeks to build a strong workforce equipped to deliver quality services to vulnerable people.

Uniting People are held accountable to the organisation’s code of conduct which sets clear behavioural standards between adults and children.

The onboarding and recruitment process ensures all volunteers, carers and employees have verified checks, qualities that reflect our values and comply relevant legislation and standards.  We strive to attract the right people to work in our services.

Our systems and spaces

We work focus on the best interests of children. Understanding what children need to reach their full potential while balancing the everyday risks to ensure safety and wellbeing.

We use client feedback to form part of our continuous improvement approach so that we understand how to correct and improve things if or when they go wrong.

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