Intensive family support

Strengthening families

Uniting works with families where their children are vulnerable to, or have already been identified as, at risk of significant harm. These families have complex needs and are often impacted by mental health, domestic violence and/or drug and alcohol addiction issues. These services provide intense family support with the aim of reducing the risk and keeping the children at home in a safe environment.

What we offer

Brighter Futures

Brighter Futures delivers targeted services and support to families. The purpose of intervention is to effectively address the key drivers of child protection. Families receive on average 12 months (and up to 24 months) of sustained case management as well as at least two core service options from the following: quality children’s services, parenting programs (group based), structured home visiting programs (including parenting programs delivered one to one) and brokerage funded support.

Intensive Family Based Support

Intensive Family Based Support (IFBS) is a family preservation program aimed at reducing the risk of harm to children and young people whilst assisting them to remain with their families and avoid placement in Out- of-Home Care. IFBS offers an intensive level of therapeutic casework interventions and a broad spectrum of support services to families for up to 12 months.

Both programs utilise a practice framework for supporting families experiencing domestic violence.

Intensive Family Support

Intensive Family Support includes twelve weeks of intensive casework and 24-hour on call assistance, followed by a period of up to 40 weeks of continuous, multi-faceted and individually-tailored casework and assistance services.

Intensive Family Preservation

Our Intensive Family Preservation program offers casework and a broad spectrum of support services to families in crisis, of up to six months duration in most cases, but up to twelve months where needed.

These services are located on the Mid North Coast covering CSC’s at Coffs Harbour, Kempsey, Port Macquarie and Taree.


Newpin is a therapeutic restoration program that supports and empowers families to break the cycle of child neglect and abuse and to provide safe, nurturing environments for children.

Newpin specialises in engaging parents whose children are in the foster care system, where a restoration plan is already in place or may become viable. Parents, children and staff work together towards restoration under the Newpin core values of Support, Equality, Empathy, Respect and Self-determination.


Newpin Fathers Program Bidwill, Newpin Doonside, Newpin St Marys, Newpin Wyong.

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Families can only be referred to these programs by the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS), or through a court order.