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Newpin: Getting children home — social benefit bond stories (pdf, 6.9MB)

Read first-hand stories from parents who have attended Uniting Newpin and our staff who have supported them – only available in PDF.

Newpin: Courage to change together

This book includes an ‘up close and personal’ look at the aspects of the Uniting Newpin program that make it unique and successful. It looks at the theory behind the program and how it is put into practice on the ground – cost $25.00 (includes packaging and postage)

To order your copy, simply save and complete the order form and email it to the Uniting Newpin Regional Support Officer at newpin@uniting.org. You can also print and complete the order form if you would prefer, and return it via post to:

Uniting Newpin
Regional Support Officer
PO Box 7137
Silverwater NSW 2128


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The Newpin Father's Centre provides a unique reunification/restoration program for dads who are seeking the return of their children from the out-of-home care system.

Parents attending Uniting Newpin share their experiences and discuss how the program has supported them to overcome intergenerational abuse and make positive long term changes.

Mothers and fathers discuss the impact of having their children taken into care and reflect on the changes they made in order for them to come home again.

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If you would like to find out more about social benefit bonds, visit the website for Social Ventures Australia.

For more information on social impact visit the New South Wales Treasury Office of Social Impact Investment.

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